Here is a list of our highlights from the past year:

  • We surpassed our revenue targets for the year!
  • We held the most successful golf tournament ever, thanks to the efforts of the Perry family.
  • Our third-party events grew last year with the addition of the Chamber of Commerce’s “Little Black Dress” event and the Harry Pratt Memorial BBQ.
  • Our direct mail program continues to grow with much larger donations than industry standards (the industry standard is $35; we are closer to $100).
  • We held our first annual Community Partner Breakfast.
  • Our Heart of Giving Memorial Stone Garden continues to grow with new stones and increased public engagement.
  • We continue to raise awareness of the Foundation through our newsletter and local media.
  • We conducted a feasibility study to set the stage for a capital campaign in support of the Clinic Modernization Project.
  • We welcomed Mike Wallace and Graham Pincott to the Board.
  • We celebrated Mary’s 10 years with the Foundation.


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