Photo:  Harry Pratt receiving the first North Grenville Economic Development Ambassador Award in 2014.

Message from Robert Noseworthy, Chair, KDH Foundation Board

Harry Pratt was not only a great guy and a beloved and respected member of our community – Harry was a Community Champion and a Community Hero.

One of the qualities I admired most about Harry – was his generosity.

Some people give money and others give of their time through volunteering… well, what made Harry special was he gave both his time and money, and he gave it generously all the time.

Whether it was leading the charge in raising money for the Hospital, as he did in the Lean on Me program that raised $5M for the hospital about 6 years ago, or training a new real estate salesperson, or helping an individual or a family in need, or answering a call for clothing for children that needed winter jackets, Harry was always the go-to-guy.  He not only answered the call, he would answer ALL the calls for whatever need.  He was truly an inspiration.

Harry inspired me to give back of both my money and my time.  That is why I got involved with the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation, I wanted to make a difference for the Community and Harry inspired me to do just that.  Today, I am the Chair of the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation and helping the Hospital.  Along with a team of very like-minded individuals, I am looking to help KDH with the renewal and revitalization of the hospital.

I would see Harry at Charity auctions start the bidding on an item that did not immediately get people’s attention – Harry would start the bidding and the item would then get attention and most times, higher bids… and at the rare time when Harry might end up with the item, he would take it in stride and happily buy the item, always saying it was for a great cause.

He always loved getting into and helping out when it was most needed… I saw that two of Harry’s favorite activities outside of his family, were socializing and helping others.

I am looking forward to his Celebration of life as a great tribute to Harry, I imagine there will be hundreds and probably thousands of people attending and a greater number of wonderful stories about Harry’s generosity.

Harry, you will be sorely missed, however, rest in peace knowing that your spirit for giving and sharing will always remain and will always inspire us.

God’s peace to the family.




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