Mr. André Carrière

André Carrière is currently the Manager of Patient Care Services for Forensics Rehab at The Royal. He is a Registered Nurse who is an expert in Quality Improvement and Patient Centered Care.  Working more than 17 years in Mental Health, he has led and supported a number of projects and risk management initiatives that have advanced quality, safety and the involvement of patients and families in care. Mr. Carrière has worked in various nursing and administrative settings within The Royal. He has worked in the community as a nurse and as the manager of the Mood and Crisis Inpatient Unit as well as the Forensics Rehab Inpatient Unit. While working at Accreditation Canada, he worked as a Quality Assessor and as an Accreditation Specialist. During this period, Mr. Carrière completed his Lean Yellow Belt as well as a Certificate in Project Management. He also gained experience in standard interpretation. He holds a Masters of Health Administration Degree from Ottawa University in addition to his R.N. credentials. He is also a Certified Health Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Mr. Carrière has served in his community as a Director and Member of the Finance Committee as well as the lead in the Quality Improvement Working Group of the Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre. He also served a one-year elected position on the Board of Governors of St. Laurence College.

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