I give to KDH because…

the only thing worse than finding a lump, is NOT finding a lump. Breast cancer screening in our community is so important, which is why I’m walking again this year in Kemptville Walks for Mammography. My goal is really two-fold: one, to raise funds to expand and grow this important program in our community, and two, to make sure every single woman in our community is aware of this local service and uses it!

Jenny Thibert

Early detection saves lives. Thanks to generous gifts and pledges, KDH was able to purchase the best digital mammography machine available. Please help provide life-saving equipment like this.


I give to KDH because…

KDH is a real gem. I received arthroscopic surgery on my left knee at KDH and was pleasantly satisfied with my hospital experience. My treatment by the hospital was friendly, efficient and effective throughout the procedure. The facilities in the operating room were state of the art, clean and not congested. I was so positively impressed that I have made donations to the KDH Foundation each year since.

Derek H. Burney, O.C.
Senior Strategic Advisor, Norton Rose Canada
Former Canadian Ambassador to USA

Please help provide vital medical equipment for our operating rooms and throughout the hospital, so that our doctors and nurses can provide the highest quality care to you and your loved ones, when you need it.


I give to KDH because…

Kemptville District Hospital belongs to all of us in this community. A community needs a hospital and hospitals need up to date medical equipment in order to meet the healthcare needs of the people they serve.

The very first day that I came to work at Kemptville Hospital in Building Services as a housekeeper, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of instant belonging. Everyone was so welcoming, and I experienced an immense feeling of pride to be part of such a dedicated team, and to be able to give something back to such a valuable asset to the community.

In the beginning, while learning about the different departments, I found out about the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation. I learned of its major contribution through the coordination of donations and its many successful fundraising events. I realized how important the Foundation is because it funds costly hospital equipment, and I wanted to help.

We may not look huge from the outside, but KDH is doing huge things on the inside every day. As we continue to grow in size and capabilities, there will always be a serious need for funding.

To have the privilege of both being employed by and able to donate to Kemptville District Hospital and its amazing future gives me a tremendous sense of responsibility and pride.

Tracy Welsh-Frappier
Building Services Housekeeping Technician
Kemptville District Hospital

Do you share Tracy’s belief that KDH belongs to all of us? Please help provide vital medical, diagnostic and surgical equipment for KDH so that our doctors and nurses can provide your community with the highest quality care, when it matters most.


I give to KDH because…

I’ve witnessed the impact of donations firsthand. My wife Lillian and I have lived and worked in this community for nearly 30 years, and I’ve been a doctor here at KDH for all that time. KDH is a fulfilling place to work, and I’m lucky enough to work alongside some of the region’s most committed doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Charitable donations from this generous community have enabled the Foundation to replace or purchase essential medical equipment. Your donations give us the tools we need to do our jobs. And that’s why my wife Lillian and I continue to donate to our hospital.

Dr Greg Leonard
Chief of Staff, Kemptville District Hospital

Your support is vital because the hospital receives no government funding for any of its equipment needs. Please help provide Dr. Leonard and all our dedicated doctors and nurses with essential medical equipment, so your family, friends and neighbours can continue to get the best care, when it matters most.


I give to KDH because…

philanthropy is important to me. My husband’s family has lived in this community since 1960, the year the hospital was built. Ian and I were married in Kemptville in 1969; we raised our family in Toronto but visited Kemptville several times a year, and later bought property so we could move here in 2002.  Over the years we have seen the hospital grow, and we know how fortunate we are to have such an excellent hospital in our community.

I’ve been a volunteer here at KDH since 2005, including serving on the hospital Board and the Auxiliary. Both volunteer experiences have been very fulfilling for me.

In addition to volunteering, Ian and I believe it is important to make financial contributions when we can to organizations we believe in. We believe in KDH and we want to see it continue to grow as a health hub for our community. We feel good about providing funds for medical equipment and supporting patient programs and services in our community.

Lis Angus
Past Chair, Kemptville District Hospital Board of Directors

Every donation makes a difference! Please help purchase the vital equipment KDH’s doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to provide your family, friends and neighbours with the highest quality care.



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