The Hospital’s commitment to becoming an integrated health hub has resulted in growth and change: hub partner Beth Donovan Hospice has moved out of the hospital into a house on the grounds, and the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit is moving in

MARCH 21, 2013 – As a result of its focus on continuing to grow as an integrated health hub for the community, Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) is bursting at the seams. Its partner Beth Donovan Hospice has just moved out of office space in the hospital into a house on the campus purchased by KDH as part of its hub commitment. At the same time, the Kemptville office of the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit is preparing to move in.

KDH partnered with Beth Donovan Hospice in 2012 to offer the palliative care provider new office space at the hospital. When the Hospice moved in last March, both organizations were clear it was a temporary move – the Hospice was already looking forward to expanding its footprint as a tenant in larger quarters on the KDH campus. This goal has now become a reality with the Hospice’s recent move to 25 Hilltop Crescent. The end goal was, and is, a residential hospice facility offering hospice beds in addition to office space.

Colin & Dawn in Hilltop Cres copy

KDH CEO Collin Goodfellow congratulates Dawn Rodger, Executive Director of Beth Donovan Hospice, on her organization’s move to a house on the KDH grounds.

In its new space, the Hospice remains connected to KDH, providing services to the community and working with the hospital for referrals and consultation. ”KDH has been an exemplary partner in providing us temporary space for the last year along with infrastructure to assist our operations in running smoothly,” said Dawn Rodger, Executive Director of Beth Donovan Hospice. She added, “The move to Hilltop brings Beth Donovan Hospice one step closer to our ultimate goal of realizing a constant residential presence. We are thrilled to have been welcomed with open arms by our neighbours and the community as a whole.”

KDH’s CEO, Colin Goodfellow, is looking forward to continuing to work with Beth Donovan Hospice in its new home: “The hospice and palliative care are essential services in a healthy community; this is a partnership that works, he said. “And now they have a place of their own that can evolve to full residential hospice services.”

The Kemptville office of the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit has outgrown its current premises at 8 Asa Street in Kemptville and is preparing to move into new office space at KDH. They are actually moving back in – the Health Unit had its offices in the Hospital’s administrative wing for many years, up until 2009. Their new office space at KDH will be double the size of the Health Unit’s previous location.

The Health Unit is looking forward to moving into customized space at the hospital: “The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit has been serving North Grenville for decades, with public health services being delivered in a number of different sites over the years,” said Medical Officer of Health, Paula Stewart. “We are pleased to have leased space from the Hospital to continue to provide many of our services.”

Goodfellow is delighted to have partnered with the Health Unit to continue to strengthen the hospital in its health hub role. “I am thrilled to be welcoming Public Health back onto the Kemptville District Hospital hub complex,” he explained. “They are an essential health service and a great partner.”

Several years ago KDH committed to becoming an integrated health hub for the community. With its new Strategic Plan, released in June of 2012, it strengthened that commitment, designating building on its core role as a health service hub as one of three key strategic priorities for the next three years.

This focus is causing change and growth at KDH. “I know we just completed a new wing,” said Goodfellow, “but it’s pretty clear that we are going to need a new building for health education and ambulatory care. We are growing so fast we will be putting more portables on site this spring. We are bursting out of our space again.”

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