Frank J. Vassallo, the CEO of Kemptville District Hospital (KDH), is optimistic about the potential for the Ontario government’s new community-based healthcare delivery system to provide better care for the province’s patients and families.

“Although lacking in specifics, the planned healthcare delivery system paves the way for a patient and family centred system that will enable the provision of better coordinated and integrated community-based care,” he said.

Vassallo was referring to the local Ontario Health Teams that will be formed, made up of an array of health providers such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care agencies and family doctors. Under the new system, each Ontario Health Team will be responsible to provide the range of health services its population needs.

“We can’t dispute Minister Elliott’s statement that our current system is siloed and fragmented,” Vassallo stated. “Although Ontarians receive high quality care, the different parts of the system currently do not communicate well. We welcome the opportunity to work with our partners to develop a new model that will provide more integrated care, and help our patients and families navigate the system rather than leaving them to find their way through it on their own.”

“Here at KDH, we have a chance now to co-design a more patient-centred system with our family physicians, our patient and family advisors, and our community and hospital partners in the region,” Vassallo said. “This is a rare opportunity to recalibrate how we deliver patient and family centred care.”

“KDH is very well positioned for co-design as we have embedded the patient and family centred care ethos into everything we do,” explained Vassallo. “Furthermore, we have spent the last three years focusing on building and facilitating partnerships among health service organizations in our region, with the very aim of making integrated and coordinated care a reality for our patients and their families.”

“We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get started.”

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Kemptville District Hospital is Accredited with Exemplary Standing, the highest ranking bestowed by Accreditation Canada. Committed to building healthier communities, we are a model of hospital-led integrated health services within the provincial health system. Kemptville District Hospital consistently ranks among the top hospitals in Ontario for both patient and employee satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being a good partner within the system. Kemptville District Hospital provides primary care management services, acute care hospital services, and advanced orthopaedic care.

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