Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) is reassuring its patients that its mammography machine is the type that is most effective at detecting breast cancer.

JUNE 27, 2013 – This is in response to the Ontario government’s decision to scrap nearly one-quarter of the mammography machines in the province after a new study revealed they are significantly less effective in detecting breast cancer than other mammography technologies.

Conducted by researchers at Cancer Care Ontario, the study indicates that mammography machines using a form of digital technology called computed radiography (CR) detect 20% fewer breast cancers than machines using either direct radiography (DR) digital technology or film-screen (similar to an x-ray) technology – amounting to about 1 missed cancer for every 1,000 women screened.


KDH’s mammography unit uses digital DR technology, the most effective at detecting breast cancer.

KDH is reassuring patients that its mammography machine, purchased in the fall of 2011, uses digital DR technology. This is the machine type that will replace the less effective machines, according to a statement Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews made today.

KDH CEO Colin Goodfellow said, “We want women who had their mammogram done at our hospital to know that it was done with the best machine, and for women who had mammography done at other locations and have doubts, that KDH can accommodate them in its service immediately if they wish.”

Direct referral for mammography is available at KDH: women aged 50 to 74 can call to book a mammogram and the hospital will contact their doctor for a requisition.

Mammograms at KDH are performed by highly skilled medical radiation technologists who have additional training, education and experience in mammography.

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