The newly released National Research Corporation report on top performing hospitals recognizes the Kemptville hospital for patient satisfaction with its Emergency Department

NOVEMBER 26, 2013 – Released the week of November 11, the second annual National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) report on top performing hospitals in the areas of patient satisfaction recognizes Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) in the top 10 percent of Ontario hospitals for its Emergency Department.

This means that KDH scored higher than 90 percent of the other hospitals in the survey when its patients were asked, “Would you recommend this hospital to your family or friends?”

This follows on other recent surveys that rated KDH the best in the province for patient satisfaction for its Emergency Department, Operating Room (Day Surgery program) and In-patient Medical Care.

The NRCC report, entitled Patient Ratings of Overall Care and Likelihood to Recommend Ontario Hospitals, provides the results of patient experience surveys from April 2011 to March 2012.

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) shared the report last week with hospital CEOs, board chairs and other hospital decision makers, as well as with the CEOs of all Ontario LHINs (Local Health Integration Networks).

This is the second annual report to identify top performing Ontario hospitals. The report not only highlights excellent performance based on patient perceptions, but also identifies those hospitals that may have good practices in place that other hospitals may be interested in.

Jenny Salte, KDH’s Manager of Decision Support Services, has been tracking the work KDH has done to achieve consistently high patient satisfaction results, not just with its Emergency Department, but across the board.  “In late 2011,” she said, “we learned that KDH was rated the best in the province for patient satisfaction for Emergency Department services, Operating Room – Day Surgery – and Inpatient Medical Care. Our Quality Teams and staff have been working to focus efforts and continue to perform at that high level. We measure our performance across 66 indicators relating to both clinical and operational processes, giving us a clear picture of our strengths, and areas where there may be an opportunity for improvement.”

The hospital’s CEO, Colin Goodfellow, also commented on the report’s findings: “It is great that our patients continue to have industry leading experience in our Emergency Department. People at KDH care tremendously about who we serve and how we do it.”

About Kemptville District Hospital

Kemptville District Hospital is Accredited with Exemplary Standing, the highest ranking bestowed by Accreditation Canada. Committed to building healthier communities, we are a model of hospital-led integrated health services within the provincial health system. Kemptville District Hospital consistently ranks among the top hospitals in Ontario for both patient and employee satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being a good partner within the system. We operate on two sites and provide primary care management services, acute care hospital services, and advanced orthopaedic care.

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