Your Hospital – Your Healthy Future is a strategic planning process that began in February 2016. It was designed with a robust stakeholder engagement component to provide the public, organizational partners, and KDH staff, physicians and volunteers with a variety of opportunities to contribute their input.

Like all Ontario hospitals, KDH develops a new strategic plan every three years, outlining its strategic priorities and identifying the actions that will be taken to advance them. Your Hospital – Your Healthy Future set out a number of ways for stakeholders to engage with the hospital to share their ideas about KDH’s strengths, potential opportunities, and desired results for programs, services, and more.

During the last week of March 2016, KDH held separate consultation sessions with the public, its partners, and internal stakeholders, i.e., staff, physicians and volunteers.

Partner consultation 1

Richard Delaney of Delaney + Associates facilitates our Partner Consultation.

Partner consultation 2

Our CEO Frank Vassallo presents to our assembled Partners.

People who weren’t able to participate in person were invited to take an online survey,  provide their input through a postage paid response card, or contact a member of the KDH strategic planning team personally.

All of the feedback received was compiled and analyzed and then taken into consideration by the hospital’s Board of Directors as it set the strategic directions for the organization for the next three years and reviewed our mission, vision and values.

KDH’s new strategic plan was approved at the hospital’s June 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors.

View our Strategic Plan At A Glance.

Read the detailed Strategic Plan.