We provide a variety of diagnostic imaging services. Choose from the list below to learn more.

For each test, please check in at our Patient Welcome Centre in the Emergency Department. Please bring your requisition and your health card to your appointment.

Remember to allow time for registration, filling out paperwork and changing into a hospital gown, if required. If you have any questions about an upcoming test please call 613.258.6133, extension 400.


An x-ray machine sends individual x-ray particles through the body;  the resulting images are recorded on a computer.

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Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body. During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound tests to examine the baby. Unlike an x-ray, an ultrasound does not involve exposure to radiation.

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Mammography is an x-ray of the breast that uses low doses of radiation. The picture made during mammography is called a mammogram. It can help find both cancerous (malignant) and non-cancerous (benign) tumours in the breast.

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Spotlight on Mammography

At KDH we take an innovative approach to mammography – we pledge to make every mammogram as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Testing

A bone mineral density (BMD) test measures how much calcium and other types of minerals are in an area of your bone. The test helps your healthcare provider detect osteoporosis and predict your risk of bone fractures.

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An electrocardiogram, also called an ECG or EKG, records the heart’s electrical activity, showing how fast it’s beating, whether your heartbeat is steady or irregular, and the strength and timing of electrical signals as they pass through each part of your heart.

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Holter Monitoring

A Holter monitor is a device that continuously records the heart’s rhythms. The monitor is usually worn for 24 to 48 hours during normal activity.

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Pacemaker Check

If you’ve had a pacemaker implanted, you need to have it checked regularly. Our Diagnostic Imaging staff use a computer to check that the pacemaker is working properly.

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An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. The test is routinely used in the diagnosis, management and follow-up of patients with any suspected or known heart diseases.

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Cardiac Stress Testing

A cardiac stress test is sometimes called a treadmill exercise stress test or treadmill stress test. It is performed to determine the effects of exercise on the heart. Exercise allows doctors to detect abnormal heart rhythms and diagnose the absence or presence of coronary artery disease.

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