At Kemptville District Hospital, the safety of our patients is our top priority.

We recognize that there are risks in modern healthcare, and we work hard to reduce medical errors by improved reporting, development and monitoring of best practices, and continued learning.

Our quality teams are currently focusing on preventing falls, specialized wound care management, and incident reviews. Medication safety is also of top priority. Together with patients, families and other care providers, we ensure that we have your comprehensive medication information in our inpatient and clinic settings.

One of the ways we keep you safe is by washing our hands regularly to prevent the spread of infection. Learn more about the importance of hand hygiene.

If you experience an incident or unsafe condition while at KDH, please report it to a member of your healthcare team. He or she will ensure that it is reported in our Risk Incident Management System for investigation and correction. If you are involved in an incident or unsafe condition, we will make sure that you are notified and included in any required follow-up.

For more about what we do to keep you safe, read our brochure, Working Together for Patient Safety.

See the patient safety indicators that we track on a regular basis to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality of care.