Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

Kemptville District Hospital has a policy to ensure access to services for people with disabilities, and a multi-year accessibility plan that guides our continuous efforts to prevent, identify and remove any barriers to services.

  • Click here to read and/or comment on the Policy.
  • Click here to review our Self-Certified Accessibility Report, filed with the Government of Ontario July 8, 2015.
  • Click here to view our Accessibility Plan.
  • Persons with disabilities may receive public documents in a format that is considerate of their disability. To request documents in an accessible format, please email your request to or call us at 613.258.6133 ext. 153.
  • If you encounter any problem accessing our services, or have any other comments about accessibility at KDH, please contact us at or 613.258.6133 ext. 287.

Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements establish and maintain collective bargaining relations between the Hospital and the workers covered by the agreements. They outline wages, benefits and more. KDH has the following current collective agreements:

Energy Reporting

The Ontario Green Energy Act requires all public agencies, including hospitals, to make public their annual energy consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, each organization must share an energy conservation and demand management plan outlining how the organization will reduce energy consumption.

The KDH Energy Conservation and Demand Energy Management Plan fulfills the reporting requirements of the Green Energy Act and provides a framework to support  energy and sustainability initiatives at KDH. The Plan addresses energy consumption in the hospital, including the development of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, benchmarking KDH’s existing energy intensity performance relative to other hospitals, identifying potential energy efficiency projects, and establishing a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

Executives’ Contracts

Appropriate compensation is a key element in attracting and retaining the kind of leaders we need at KDH. Our executive compensation consists of salary plus standard employee benefits. The CEO’s salary is set at the midpoint of CEO compensation in the budget appropriate quadrant of the group of $10-$25 million budget hospitals. No compensation is provided to the CEO for managing the KDH Health Centre, serving on the KDH Foundation, or any external Rideau Valley Health Services work. There are no other compensation perquisites such as free parking, club memberships, general travel allowances or a car allowance. Read our Employment Agreement with our CEO, Frank J. Vassallo.

Executive Compensation Framework

In 2010, all non-unionized employees within the Broader Public Sector were affected by a two-year Government of Ontario-legislated compensation freeze that impacted their total compensation including their basic rate of pay, benefits, perquisites and other payments.  In 2012, the freeze was lifted but continued to impact all designated executives.  In 2014, the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014 was approved by the Government of Ontario; it defined the establishment of compensation frameworks for executives in the public sector, including hospitals. In 2016/17, the government released regulations 304/16, 187/17 and 400/17, which detailed the requirements for determining executive compensation. In lieu of the government setting the frameworks centrally, the regulations required that each hospital Board and Chief Executive Officer establish their own executive compensation program within strict parameters.

Effective hospital leadership is critical. In order for hospitals to continue to deliver the high quality of care that patients deserve, it is necessary to recruit and retain the best hospital leadership possible.  Setting appropriate executive compensation frameworks is key to the recruitment and retention of high quality leaders.

We are pleased to announce that Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approved KDH’s executive compensation framework. The framework impacts our five executive positions (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Operations, Vice President Nursing/Clinical Services/Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President Corporate Services, and Chief of Staff).

Expenses Related to Travel, Meals and Hospitality

Twice a year Kemptville District Hospital reports Executive and Board Member expenses related to travel, meals and hospitality.

Pandemic Contingency Plan

This document outlines the responses that could be undertaken by Kemptville District Hospital in the event of a pandemic outbreak. Click here to read the plan.

Patient Declaration of Values

Click here to read the Patient Declaration of Values developed by our Patient and Family Advisory Committee.

Patient Relations Process

Click here to read about our Patient Relations process for responding to patient concerns.

Public Sector Salary Disclosure

As an organization that receives public funding from the Province of Ontario, we annually make available the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of Kemtpville District Hospital employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year. This information is shared each March 31 for the previous year. Click here for salary disclosure for 2020.

A list of all public sector employees who earned $100,000 or more in 2020 is available on the Government of Ontario website.

Quality Improvement Plan

KDH has a comprehensive Quality Management Framework that reflects our commitment to quality improvement. Our Board of Directors regularly monitors the hospital’s performance on 27 indicators of quality. Each year we develop a new Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to drive continuous quality improvement.

Our 2019-2020 QIP is very patient-focused, including initiatives designed to make transitions more timely and efficient and to improve the effectiveness and safe delivery of patient care.

Read our 2020-2021 Quality Improvement Plan.