Several years ago, we launched a campaign called ‘The Patient Experience Starts Here’ to help us transition from providing patient-focused care to partnering with patients for Patient and Family Centred Care.

When you come to KDH, you will see our staff, physicians and volunteers wearing buttons that remind us every day that ‘The Patient Experience Starts Here’ – with each one of us.

Whether we work as a nurse or doctor, whether we volunteer, work in IT, Environmental Services, or any other department, each one of us has a huge impact on the patient experience.

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As part of our campaign, we’ve made two videos celebrating Patient and Family Centred Care at KDH:


Along with the button, each staff member, physician and volunteer received an ‘Owner’s Guide’ that includes five promises we make to our patients or residents and their family members:

  • We will tell you our names and our roles when we walk into a room where you are.
  • We will display our name badges prominently so you can easily read them.
  • We will answer any questions you may have and keep you informed about the reason for any delays.
  • We will make certain you are checked on hourly to ensure that you are comfortable.
  • We will make certain that the whiteboard in your room is updated at the end of every shift to ensure optimum communication with you and your family.

The campaign is a key component of the hospital’s Patient and Family Engagement Strategy, which was developed as a road map to achieve patient and Family Centred Care in its fullest form: partnering with patients and families, both in their care and at our decision-making tables.