Please be advised that Elevator #1 in the original wing of the hospital will be out of service from October 22, 2018 until December 21, 2018. This is the elevator that is located adjacent to our inpatient units on the second floor. We recommend that if you are coming to visit a patient, you park in the upper lot and enter by the former main entrance off Concession Road – then the inpatient units are just to your left. If you need to get downstairs, please ask to be directed to the elevator outside our day surgery unit – this will take you down to the main lobby near the coffee shop. Thank you for your patience while the elevator is upgraded.

Studies have shown that having visitors while in hospital can help speed up a patient’s recovery. We therefore encourage visitors and ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Watch and listen for cues that your family member or friend needs to rest or have time alone.
  • Be considerate of roommates, who may be sleeping or having a procedure done.
  • Please don’t visit if you are sick. Patients can be put at risk if germs are brought into the hospital. If you have a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea or new rash, please stay home.
  • Hand-washing is the best way to stop the spread of germs. Even if you are feeling well, you may be carrying germs that could make patients sick. Please use the hand sanitizer provided at hand cleaning stations throughout the hospital before and after each visit. Learn more about patient safety at KDH.
  • KDH is a scent-free facility. In consideration of others who may suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities, we ask that you don’t bring or send live flowers, or wear perfume or other scented products while at KDH.
  • Please make sure any balloons you bring to the hospital are made of mylar, not latex. Latex balloons can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

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